Sunday, August 28, 2005

How do you say "Weather Girl" in Kathra?

...I ask because Spakkadi is, once again, on hurricane watch. Despite being nowhere near N'awlins, Loosiana.

Some sort of fascination here? I'm just saying.


Blogger SpakKadi said...

I used to watch the Weather Channel whenever nothing else was on. So, yeah, just a little obsessed with the weather. (Though, really, who isn't following Katrina at least a little at this point). I really miss the commercials they used to have with the running theme "Weather fans, you're not alone" (the best one - two guys in a sports bar, one painted shades of blue, the other painted shades of orange. The camera reveals they are watching the weather channel and cold front is moving through. Guy in blue cheers, guy in orange looks crushed). I'm not quite that bad anymore, but probably only because I have Weather Underground now.

And for the record: temste tawnai.

29/8/05 02:08  
Blogger Walt said...

I'm going to go out on a limb, and guess that you didn't click on every link in my post.

29/8/05 19:58  
Blogger SpakKadi said...

:P I'm ignoring the link under "fascination".

29/8/05 21:07  

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